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Video: Words of wisdom from today’s retirees

How we are uniquely able to assist you in reaching your financial goals:

  • Our planning encompasses your entire financial well-being – not just your investments
  • We offer the option of working holistically or “a la carte” with you on specific areas of concern such as:
    • A free second opinion on your investments
    • Financial security through a personalized retirement income plan
    • Balancing preservation of your capital with potential growth and income based on your goals and risk tolerance
    • Protection against the personal financial consequences of not being able to work because of accident, illness, or premature death
    • Preservation of the value of what you pass on to your family and charities
    • Cash flow planning, debt management, banking, and borrowing
    • Minimizing the taxes you pay
    • Providing for your business insurance and investment needs

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Here is how one client sums it up:

“I have had the privilege of serving Tim as business solutions provider for many years and now enjoy the wisdom of all his collective years in business and in life, particularly on how to achieve true financial freedom. Tim has provided me with the opportunity to learn what true professionalism looks like in action. His guidance has been invaluable and is rooted in him being an exemplar of what he teaches and advises first. His disciplined and practical approach to finance and life has created immense trust between us where I am now confident to continue on a path that will ensure the continued financial stability and freedom I now enjoy. If you are serious and passionate about your life and your financial well-being then look no further than Tim. He is, without reservation, a true Master and incredible Guide. I feel very blessed to have Tim in my corner!”  

June 8, 2016 Greg Magennis, Founder & CEO Axiom HRD 



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