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Private Wealth Management

by Tim Weichel

For those with $200,000 to $1,000,000, we offer the option of working with a firm of licensed discretionary portfolio managers  who employ the investment management techniques of pension funds and institutions.  Some of the benefits to you include:

  • An investment committee of senior professionals (CFA, CFP, and/or CIM) with an average of 25 years’ experience working on your behalf.
  • Portfolios with 11 different asset categories, reducing your exposure to stock market volatility and meager traditional fixed income returns, thereby lowering your overall risk and creating steadier returns.
  • Independent specialist money managers in each asset class from around the world – some of which are not available to individual investors.  
  • Preferred access to opportunities generally accessible only to large institutional investors.

For Investors with $1 million or more

If you have more than $1,000,000  to invest, you become eligible for Private Wealth Management which, in addition to the above benefits, can include a combination of

  • Highly personalized private banking and investment management services
  • Separately managed accounts and pooled funds
  • Access to an integrated team of financial planning, tax, and estate experts, accountants and lawyers. 

This option is available to investors who want sophisticated advice, professional management and a comprehensive view of their financial affairs

High net worth individuals can enjoy an investment advantage because of their size, scale, and the expertise with which they have their money managed.  Typically, they have access to a broader range of investments – including private real estate, mortgages, and private equity, for example.  These investments serve to spread risk and enhance the performance of their portfolios.  Affluent investors also have access to specialty expertise in different types of asset classes: independent and talented money managers who are normally unavailable to individuals because of their high investment minimums. 

Fees for this service are lower as a percentage of assets under management than the fees that most retail investors would pay.  Contact me to begin a discussion about your wealth management needs, and the appropriateness of this type of investment management for you, your family or your business.  tim@timweichel.ca 416-230-2703 or 705-798-0062

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