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The easiest way to begin Estate Planning

by Tim Weichel

Life insurance without a medical exam – ages 18-85

There are people at all stages of life that, for different reasons, can’t or don’t wish to go through the paramedical process to qualify for life insurance, or are hard to insure due to age or infirmity.

Why should you consider No Medical Life Insurance or Simplified Issue Life Insurance?

  • You don’t like needles or medical exams
  • You just want your coverage fast
  • You’re a Canadian citizen, permanent resident or have a valid work permit
  • You have some health problems
  • You’re hard to insure
  • You have a dangerous job or participate in hazardous or extreme sports

As a licensed insurance broker, I can compare the many ‘no medical’ insurance options.  One of these is the Canada Protection Plan with coverage of up to $500,000 available and available up to age 80.  Another is Assumption Life’s Golden Protection, available to age 85.


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