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Protect your income and your family

One simple step you take today can mean years of stress-free retirement

This three-minute video introduces the simplest way to prepare for the realities of retirement, protect your income and ensure money for life. Discover the three types of expenses you’ll need to cover to wake up without stress during your retirement. Find out how you can take advantage of your last 5 to 10 working yearsRead More…


How to prepare for elder care and the five stages of aging

These days, everyone has a story about caring for an elderly family member. From waiting with Dad at the doctor’s office, to staying overnight to administer Mom’s medication, to visiting your spouse at the long-term care home, the spectrum of care is broad. Elder care is posing mounting pressure on family caregivers, who are contributingRead More…


Plan for your health care needs tomorrow, today

Did you know that it’s Alzheimer awareness month in Canada? Not many of us want to think about it, much less talk about it, but the reality is that if we live long enough, there’s a good chance we’ll eventually need long term care. What is long term care? It’s the help you need whenRead More…


Myths and truths about critical illness

The risk of suffering from a critical illness is real, and most people don’t even see it coming. When it does, many Canadians are forced to deplete their retirement savings or take on additional debt to cover treatment costs and the day-to-day expenses associated with living with a critical illness. When you’re healthy, you mayRead More…