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What is your retirement number?

by Tim Weichel

Here is a neat and easy calculator to determine the amount of money you should have saved by the time you retire in order to maintain your current standard of living, and how much you should have saved by now to ensure that you are on track: 

Wealth Target Calculator

No need to do intense calculations – just answer 25 simple questions and out pops a reasonable number for your savings goal.  If you are on track, congratulations!

If not, let us know and we can help you create a plan to get there, which could include options not offered by your bank or current financial advisor. 

If you are already there and want to convert your retirement savings into the maximum amount of income, you should consider all options, potentially including private investments, annuities and other pension-like forms of income. 

Our consultations are free and no obligation.  Tim Weichel tim@timweichel.ca 416-230-2703 or 705-798-0062



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